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2801 Franklin Blvd (2801 Franklin Blvd)
Sacramento, CA 95818
Awesome ice cream! They also have wonderful fruit freezes if you need something to cool you down or quench your thirst.
216 O St (216 O St)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Did you know? Designed as a mansion and gallery for the Crocker family and their art collection, the gallery building also originally included a bowling alley, skating rink and billiards room.
2200 K St (2200 K St)
Sacramento, CA 95816
Great lively atmosphere with very helpful baristas, and the coffee was really quality.
826 Professor Ln #100 (826 Professor Ln #100)
Sacramento, CA 95834
Get the flight and they give you a glass and 4 beers for about $10.50.
2416 K St (2416 K St)
Sacramento, CA 95816
Creamy cilantro sauce is amazzing!
2376 Fair Oaks Blvd (2376 Fair Oaks Blvd)
Sacramento, CA 95825
They'll let your kids pick out a free cookie from the bakery. My kids absolutely love this.
2225 Hurley Way (2225 Hurley Way)
Sacramento, CA 95825
the most amazing dining experience! you can walk around the entire kitchen, wine celler.. very friendly staff & chefs. but remeber this 4 hour dining experience can be a quite investment~
2820 R St (2820 R St)
Sacramento, CA 95816
Become a co-owner and reap the benefits.
L St & 15th St (L St & 15th St)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Take an excercise walk around the park, it's about a mile.
1131 K St (1131 K St)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Check out the amazing pastry chef at Ella's!
1215 19th St (1215 19th St)
Sacramento, CA 95811
Halibut was delicious, but watch out for the fantastic cookies unless you want to spend an hour in the gym.
1716 L St (1716 L St)
Sacramento, CA 95811
Try the Bacon Breakfast Sandwich - ~ with tomato, onion, avocado, on an English Muffin.
1630 18th St (1630 18th St)
Sacramento, CA 95811
My favorites are the Sac Bee and also the tri tip. Bomb sauce is good on everything. So is fresh avocado!
2001 Alta Arden Expy (2001 Alta Arden Expy)
Sacramento, CA 95825
Grilled cheese animal style YUMMY. Now that you read this you know you have to try it.
125 I St (125 I St)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Free museum day several times a year,
1301 Florin Rd (1301 Florin Rd)
Sacramento, CA 95831
Get the baked baos. Anything from the new steam table is cheap but below average and not worth eating. Ranch 99 dim sum buffet is much better.


1801 Capitol Ave (1801 Capitol Ave)
Sacramento, CA 95811
Get the Fundido appetizer - it's a super delicioso steak and queso cassarole style appetizer. And margaritas.
500 David J Stern Walk (500 David J Stern Walk)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Great choices for delicious food. People flow, even when the place is packed.


1530 J St (1530 J St)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Bbq tuna will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!
2968 Freeport Blvd (2968 Freeport Blvd)
Sacramento, CA 95818
This place is about to be profiled on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Expect crowds after that airs.