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1005 W Burnside St (1005 W Burnside St)
Portland, OR 97209
"Powell’s City of Books is the largest independent bookstore in the US. Actually, it's not so impressive when you realize there are only 4 bookstores left in the US." - Conan O'Brien
1875 SW Park Ave (1875 SW Park Ave)
Portland, OR 97201
It's a market, not a tourist attraction. Don't just look, buy some tasty food!
2170 NW Raleigh St (2170 NW Raleigh St)
Portland, OR 97210
Get the banana cake.
345 SE Taylor St (345 SE Taylor St)
Portland, OR 97214
The staff is super friendly, they have the best selection of magic the gathering cards, and board games. Go to the 21+ game night! Free play magic night is awesome too.
3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd (3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd)
Portland, OR 97214
I could spend days in this bookstore!
9345 SE 82nd Ave (9345 SE 82nd Ave)
Clackamas, OR 97086
The kids should be looking for an octopus! If they find out they can have a piece off organic candy or fruit! Parents choice! :)
1217 SE Stark St (1217 SE Stark St)
Portland, OR 97214
10% of sales this weekend go to Japan animal rescue.
2181 Northwest Nicolai Street (2181 Northwest Nicolai Street)
Portland, OR 97210
Don't miss the library tucked in the vault beneath the back stairs. A day's worth of well-curated Design titles.
3210 NE Broadway St (3210 NE Broadway St)
Portland, OR 97232
4500 SE Stark St (4500 SE Stark St)
Portland, OR 97215
Not only is it a fantastic bottle shop spanning every style you can think of, it's also one of the best beer bars in Portland.
3811 N Mississippi Ave (3811 N Mississippi Ave)
Portland, OR 97227
Roosters! Very unique breeds...that don't kill each other.
5050 SE Stark St (5050 SE Stark St)
Portland, OR 97215
This location feels much more like a neighborhood nursery. Patronize and purchase a plant here.
4320 SE Belmont St (4320 SE Belmont St)
Portland, OR 97215
hard to find that one movie with that guy in it? well you will find it here
7300 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy (7300 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy)
Portland, OR 97225
Always have a good supply of Crowley wines, even the elusive Chardonnay
SW 9th St. (SW 9th St.)
Portland, OR 97205
Try the gyros on the egyptian cart on the corner of 9th & Alder...very good & spicy!
3445 N Williams Ave (3445 N Williams Ave)
Portland, OR 97227
WILLIAMS AVE: Neighborhood grocery store, four blocks away. Portland's Whole Foods. Great local produce and hot prepared food section. Also lots of locally-made gift items perfect for souvenirs.


1405 Nw Johnson St (1405 Nw Johnson St)
Portland, OR 97209
The guy in the snowboard/ski area is super knowledgeable about boarding boots. If you're having issues with boots, talk to him.
2762 NE Broadway St (2762 NE Broadway St)
Portland, OR 97232
Do you have any cockatiel for sale?
2205 E Burnside St (2205 E Burnside St)
Portland, OR 97214
This place is great everyone so nice.
409 SE M L King Blvd (409 SE M L King Blvd)
Portland, OR 97214
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