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317 SW Alder St (317 SW Alder St)
Portland, OR 97204
This is the place to hang with locals & enjoy the city’s lush greenery. As The Thermals describe it, “It’s enormous, with so many different trails, and it stretches all the way to Washington.”
6000 SE Salmon St. (6000 SE Salmon St.)
Portland, OR 97214
The 280 steps on the park's northeast side make up the longest public staircase in the city. Time your ascent from the base to the drinking fountain at the top!
2368 W Burnside St (2368 W Burnside St)
Portland, OR 97210
The park first opened in 1871 & was first known as City Park. John C. Olmsted gave the park its current name in 1909. It is also the site of Portland's first zoo.
Laurelhurst Park (Laurelhurst Park)
Portland, OR 97214
FAVORITE. This is like wonderland in a city park. The trees are enormous -- this park reminds me that I'm small -- and apparently you can watch Star Trek reenactment rehearsals here too.
N Albina and Ainsworth (N Albina and Ainsworth)
Portland, OR 97217
Beautiful rose garden and walking trail around the perimeter of the park.
3800 NW Thurman St (3800 NW Thurman St)
Portland, OR 97210
The historic bridge here recently underwent a complete rehabilitation and restoration. The bridge was built in 1905.
611 SW Kingston Ave (611 SW Kingston Ave)
Portland, OR 97205
The garden opened to the public in 1967 & is considered to be one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan.
4000 SW Fairview Blvd (4000 SW Fairview Blvd)
Portland, OR 97221
Really nice in Autumn when the leaves turn but great for picnics when it's warm as well.
8676 N Crawford St (8676 N Crawford St)
Portland, OR 97203
This park sits underneath the old green St. Johns bridge, and the way the bridge is built from underneath gives it the illusion that you're in a large cathedral building. Beautiful
1405 NW 14th Ave (1405 NW 14th Ave)
Portland, OR 97209
I spent $73 for me and my 3 boys to climb and boulder, after paying and waiting 15 minutes through videos and waivers, found out that the entire bouldering area was off limits to kids under 14. BOO.
Council Crest Park (Council Crest Park)
Portland, OR 97239
Climb a tree and watch the sunset. Just don't fall out of the tree and land on your head. You could get a concussion. I did.
825 SW Park Ave. (825 SW Park Ave.)
Portland, OR 97201
They have the new fountain going, just waiting for you to make a wish...or go skinny-dipping!
810 NW 11th Ave (810 NW 11th Ave)
Portland, OR 97209
If you bring you young kids here, plan for them to get wet. Relax. Roll with it. They're kids.
SE Woodstock Blvd (SE Woodstock Blvd)
Portland, OR 97202
It began in 1950 as a test garden & got its official name in 1964. It currently features more than 2,500 rhododendrons, azaleas & companion plants set in a landscape of waterfalls & stone masonry.
11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd (11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd)
Portland, OR 97219
Folks start pickin up your dogs poop plz
Portland, OR 97229
Be one with the Great Outdoors. Stop to smell the moss and talk survival skills with feral bums.
Naito Pkwy (Naito Pkwy)
Portland, OR 97204
During the 2008 US Presidential Election an estimated 75,000 people, the largest gathering in the entire campaign, gathered here to see Barack Obama. The park has also hosted many Rose Festival events
3000 NE Rocky Butte Rd (3000 NE Rocky Butte Rd)
Portland, OR 97220
Best view in Portland!
Leif Erickson Drive (Leif Erickson Drive)
Portland, OR 97210
You could literally run all around here for days on all the different trails. Super fun tun today.
2998 NW Upshur St. (2998 NW Upshur St.)
Portland, OR 97210
I love hiking and jogging on the trails, breathtaking views and the nature. It's so peaceful
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