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135 12th St (135 12th St)
Oakland, CA 94607
Great wide beer selection, killer cocktails, awesome seating, empanadas, heat lamps, rooftop! <3
5239 Telegraph Ave (5239 Telegraph Ave)
Oakland, CA 94609
"It's the water"
1621 Telegraph Ave (1621 Telegraph Ave)
Oakland, CA 94612
Get a made-to-order Greyhound. Comes with a shitload of well-vodka, and a huge wedge of grapefruit.
2421 Telegraph Ave #102 (2421 Telegraph Ave #102)
Oakland, CA 94612
Tasty beer choices, great bartenders, cool atmosphere
355 19th St (355 19th St)
Oakland, CA 94612
Get the anal. Top notch.
389 Grand Ave (389 Grand Ave)
Oakland, CA 94610
They have a coffee bar area now....they serve local Bicycle Coffee. AND excellent Bloody Mary's with Bacon if you like.
412 14th St (412 14th St)
Oakland, CA 94612
Great dive bar with cool bartenders who make you feel welcomed. Thursday nights seem like the best time to go.
5516 San Pablo Ave (5516 San Pablo Ave)
Oakland, CA 94608
One of the few places in the East Bay to get good cocktails. Nice decor and friendly staff.


3629 Martin Luther King Jr Way (3629 Martin Luther King Jr Way)
Oakland, CA 94609
Awesome place saw some great bands
5612 College Ave (5612 College Ave)
Oakland, CA 94618
Tuesday's are Trivia Night. It's loud, crowded and a great place to meet smart hotties. The action starts at 8 p.m.


382 19th St (382 19th St)
Oakland, CA 94612
Unwind after a busy work day at the newly opened Drexl bar in the Oakland. The bar has an impressive cocktails list and 8 craft-beers on tap as well.
435 13th St (435 13th St)
Oakland, CA 94612
Drink here because the bartender just might light up the bar.
2221 Broadway (2221 Broadway)
Oakland, CA 94612
French Fries with Dip
48 Webster St (48 Webster St)
Oakland, CA 94607
Apparently the oldest bay Area bar?
460 8th St (460 8th St)
Oakland, CA 94607
bar / brewery by lucid (rhianne)
3308 Grand Ave (3308 Grand Ave)
Oakland, CA 94610
Awesome bar in the back! Great vibes.


730 Clay St (730 Clay St)
Oakland, CA 94607
Great drinks and small bites. Liz is wonderful! The margaritas are very good too. It will be the it place by summer.
1739 Broadway (1739 Broadway)
Oakland, CA 94612
So fancy, so glamorous, so hip. The Miranda may have an averagely unique cocktail menu, but it does have a cozy and formidable lounge vibe that I love.

Club 21

2111 Franklin St (2111 Franklin St)
Oakland, CA 94612
Awesome staff and great space. Can' t wait to see what other nights are like.
5515 College Avenue (5515 College Avenue)
Oakland, CA
Like the Hut was, except with a much better bar program and a direct link to the record store next door. Fun!
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