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3601 Elm Ave (3601 Elm Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21211
Voted Best Liquor Store by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2011
at E Saratoga St. & Holliday St. (at E Saratoga St. & Holliday St.)
Baltimore, MD 21202
Stock up on local, organic goodies for the week, or splurge on one-off treats like smoothies, kettle corn and organic rice krispies. See more:
711 W 40th St #163 (711 W 40th St #163)
Baltimore, MD 21211
I love the bulk foods, personal/beauty care section, and the recycling program!
400 E 32nd St (400 E 32nd St)
Baltimore, MD 21218
There are now debit services at a stand in the center of the market. Go there instead of 7-11. It aids the non-profit aspect of the market.
3620 Falls Rd (3620 Falls Rd)
Baltimore, MD 21211
They have books here!
1616 Thames St (1616 Thames St)
Baltimore, MD 21231
Rolling Stone ranks The Sound Garden in Baltimore as #2 in their list of The Best Record Stores in the USA!
601 E Pratt St (601 E Pratt St)
Baltimore, MD 21202
Check out the aquarium on level 2
30 W North Ave (30 W North Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21201
Vegan root beer float is delicious! Try Banh Mi Chay sandwich. Half size is filling. It's a large sandwich. Great vegan alternative to the classic Vietnamese sandwich.
540 E Belvedere Ave (540 E Belvedere Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21212
Great shopping! Support your local businesses!
520 Park Ave (520 Park Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21201
Keep on keeping on. Every place you add is gold!
6242 Bellona Ave (6242 Bellona Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21212
Can't decide what you want to drink? How about a Growler? Pinehurst Wine Shoppe now accepts BeerGivr! With their great selection of beer, you'll never go thirsty again.
2701 Boston St (2701 Boston St)
Baltimore, MD 21224
Great staff. All things come out to even amounts with tax. If you can a sandwich create your own. Great free toppings like cold slaw and avocado
3831 Boston St (3831 Boston St)
Baltimore, MD 21224
Not the cheapest, but it's open 7 days and they have regular tastings
921 W 36th St (921 W 36th St)
Baltimore, MD 21211
"anyone who's a person will like this store"
1001 Fleet St. (1001 Fleet St.)
Baltimore, MD 21202
They sell Oyin Handmade products here now!! Whoohoo!

Bin 604

604 S Exeter St (604 S Exeter St)
Baltimore, MD 21202
Check out a scotch or wine tasting or the sister store Bin 201 in Annapolis
1330 Smith Ave (1330 Smith Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21209
The people working the fish market can offer great tips.
4601 Liberty Heights Ave (4601 Liberty Heights Ave)
Baltimore, MD 21207
New Clean Store. $1 Bo' Head Hot Dogs!
121 Kane St (121 Kane St)
Baltimore, MD 21224
Awesome people
3541 Boston Street (3541 Boston Street)
Baltimore, MD 21224-5750
Not a typical place but a very fine establishment. Staff is also very polite. Every product they offer is always top notch. They have become the most reliable shop in Baltimore.
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